David attended a conference for UK NGOs working in Lesotho, which was also attended by Lesotho’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and the country’s High Commissioner in the UK. Talking to fellow delegates raised several issues that need to be addressed if our time in Lesotho is to be effective, but also introduced us to people who can help us resolve them. Elizabeth has already had a very helpful telephone call with a Durham Link representative in Lesotho and we will also be keeping in touch with Dolen Cmyru. We were also interested to learn of work being done by other UK NGOs in the country.

On a lighter note, David’s birthday present from Elizabeth was a set of horse riding lessons so that he might be able to cope with some horse trekking if we have the time on our visit in July. (See the video on the Lesotho page of our web site to see what that entails in Lesotho.)

Elizabeth has also been busy, taking part in a half-scale version of a local Triathlon. It was the first time she had done anything like this, but was pleased to complete the event and achieve all her targets along the way. Through sponsorship, including gift aid, she has raised just over £1,000 for the school in Lesotho. (See the photo gallery on our web site for pictures.)