31 July, 2008

Our Recce in Lesotho

Outside our new houseWe have just returned from an amazing fortnight in our home-to-be. Our network of useful contacts has increased exponentially and we have been made welcome wherever we have gone. We will be living in a small house consisting of two rooms (bedsitting and kitchen/diner) and a bathroom. The house has electricity and we have been promised that the water will be connected to the bathroom (!), a sink (with water) will be installed in the kitchen and there will be a toilet added to the bathroom. What more could we ask for?

When we arrived, it was extremely cold at night and we learnt to follow the locals by staying firmly wrapped in a large blanket. Every day was sunny and, by the time we left, the afternoon sun had become quite hot. When we go out in January it will be summer and so both hot and wet.

Ha Fusi Secondary SchoolElizabeth has visited Ha Fusi school where she will be teaching. It is very remote (a minibus ride followed by long walk or taxi) and still in its infancy. There are exciting plans for its development from the existing three simple classrooms. It will soon have a water supply and it is hoped to build a staffroom and office very soon. Elizabeth is devising a plan to help them acquire textbooks through sponsorship. It is going to be a very exciting project.

David has also been getting to know people in the area where we will be living and in the capital and there should be plenty of opportunities for him to make use of his skills while we are there.

On a lighter side, David is hoping to buy a telescope to take advantage of the clear skies and lack of light pollution, while Elizabeth is planning to keep a few hens.

All in all, we are very excited about our placement. There is a real need out there and our help is greatly appreciated.

13 July, 2008

Meeting the Bishop

Elizabeth finished school on Friday which marked the end of many years’ teaching. On Saturday, we were invited to join the AGM, in London, of the Lesotho Diocesan Association, a group which supports the work of the Anglican Church in Lesotho. We were made very welcome and met several interesting and helpful people, not least of whom was the new bishop-elect, Bishop Adam who had travelled with his wife in order to attend the Lambeth conference. Since we will be living at an Anglican mission and working in a church school, Bishop Adam’s support will be vital.

We will be visiting Lesotho soon and are looking forward to meeting the people out there and making arrangements for our stay. It is exciting to be so close to experiencing the reality of the placement.