I thought it was about time I inserted an update.  Ever since July we have been busy making preparations for our return to Lesotho.  It is amazing how much support we have received and how everything continues to fall into place.

Elizabeth managed to gatecrash the Dolen Cymru training programme in September where she met the young Welsh teachers who will be working in Lesotho for six months next year.  It was very helpful and is being followed up with another weekend in December when there will be more information and advice about the education system in Lesotho.  We have also managed to meet up with people from Durham link, the support organisation from the Durham diocese; again they have offered support and help while we are in the country.

News from Ha Fusi school is very encouraging.  Fund raising here has enabled a borehole to be dug and water is now available, via a pump – surely a vital resource in any establishment.  Work has also started on a staffroom and office building.  There is still a great deal to be done, and the immediate need is for the provision of desks and books.  Everyone has been so generous that I know this project is going to be a success.

We are really excited about going – just seven weeks away – we just have to get all the packing done now.