Elizabeth writes:

My cousin is headmistress of Madley Brook primary school in Oxfordshire.  Instead of harvest this year, they held an appeal for Fusi and raised the wonderful sum of £600 which they asked should be spent on sports and gardening equipment and should be shared with Fusi Primary school.

There are very few sports shops in Lesotho and they are not very well appointed so I took our new head boy and head girl to the border town of Ficksburg in South Africa to do some shopping for school.

Last week we went through the bureaucracy of getting permits for them – I would have blogged that but decided that pointless and petty bureaucracy is the same throughout the world.

Early this morning I met up with the students David and Mbhele who were very excited.

We managed to get quite an assortment of things by searching in several shops although Ficksburg is only a small town itself.  We have footballs, netballs, skipping ropes, beanbags and other things.


We are hoping to set up a proper netball court for the girls (albeit on a dirt ground) so will get some posts made by one of the local welders.  We had also planned to buy a volleyball net but failed so that is still on the list.

I hope to take some photos of the equipment in use in the next few days and will post it here.

After our shopping, I had promised them lunch – they were so excited to get chicken at KFC.  Personally, I had forgotten how horrible it is but they didn’t agree as you can see.