Elizabeth writes:

We’ve been back now for three weeks, so I thought I would sign off the blog with a few comments on readjusting to life back “home”.

It has not been easy.  First of all, naturally, it was wonderful to be with the family, and we have had great fun rebuilding our relationship with the grandchildren.  However, adjusting to life here has been quite stressful, and will probably continue to be so until we move back into our home and unpack all our belongings which have been in store for two years.  People have been asking me to comment so here goes….

I miss my friends in Lesotho a great deal.  When you have lived and worked amongst people who have nothing, yet remain cheerful and uncomplaining, it lifts your spirits.  I miss the way everyone greets you on the road, in the bus, talks to you in the queue at the bank, asks after your family while serving you in the shop.  To them, people are more important than possessions.  They are so grateful for anything, but mainly when someone takes an interest in them – they feel that no-one cares about them, and I think they are right.  I still don’t know how we are going to solve the problems of Africa since their leaders, on the whole, are too full of self-interest to lead the way.

Naturally, after two years’ effort, I think a lot about Fusi school and its progress.  I am delighted to hear that this year there are well over 100 students and a fully-qualified teaching staff.  All we need is the promised government support and it will continue to provide education for children who would not have access to it otherwise.

So, now I have to move forward.  I will continue to support fundraising for Fusi school (which is desperately needed for staff salaries), but I also have to adjust to retirement – still no idea the direction that will be taking, but I’m sure will involve more travelling, and more time with the grandchildren.