Elizabeth writes:

Help Lesotho is a Canadian charity which is only five years old.  It operates in several centres,one of which is Hlotse about 40km north of here.  My sister Mary has become involved with it and sponsors a child who lives in Hlotse;  she was very excited to think that now she has enjoyed the oppprtunity of meeting the girl, Motheba.  What a delightful young lady she turned out to be.


The charity has a very focussed programme supporting children and families who have been affected by AIDS or poverty.  We joined a session where 50 grandmothers meet together and are helped to cope with bringing up their orphaned grandchildren.  Talks are given on such things as health or nutrition and there is always an opportunity for discussion.  Both Mary and I were moved by these wonderful ladies who have lost their own children and now have to cope with bringing up young childern again when they frequently have virtually no income.