Elizabeth writes:

Every teacher will empathise with the fact that I felt drained at the end of the school year;  the farewell just finished me off.  Time for a few days break.

Everyone has been telling us to visit Durban while we are here, so when our good friend Averyl from Nottingham told us she was visiting her daughter who lived there, it seemed a perfect opportunity.  We hired a car and set off, driving through the beautiful Drakensberg mountains.  It took us all day, but we were relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  When we arrived in Durban I had a basic map (courtesy Lonely Planet), but we found that, as part of their new image, the city council had renamed all the roads after African freedom fighters.  Throw the map away…”Keep going in this direction until you come to the ocean, than turn left” seemed to work.

Although it was raining, our first impressions were good, so we booked into one of the sea-front hotels and enjoyed a beautiful view of the ocean and promenade.

The next morning was still wet, but it cleared up later and the rest of our visit was lovely and sunny.  There are fabulous beaches there;  I enjoyed my dip in the Indian Ocean; further out were plenty of surfers, but we didn’t manage to see any dolphins which are pretty common apparently.

We met up with Averyl who is kindly acting as a free courier.  It was lovely to see her and catch up with the news from back home.

We were joined by her daughter and son-in-law who welcomed us to their home.  I also managed to purchase a chainsaw for Fusi school, so that they can supply their own wood for the kitchen.  The principal is very excited.

We decided to take two days to drive home.  We took the southern route, and entered Lesotho, travelling through the South of the country which we had never previously visited.  Now we can say we have travelled the whole country before we leave.

It was a lovely break, just what I needed.  Now to get on with the task of clearing the house.  We are leaving in two weeks, touring Madagascar for two weeks, then visiting friends and family in Malawi, before travelling through Tanzania for a final relax in Zanzibar.
I’m not sure of the wisdom of returning to Britain at the end of January, but it will be lovely to see family and friends again.