Elizabeth writes:

Madagascar is something different.
After leaving Lesotho, we joined a group of 16 on a fortnight’s organised tour of this island.

Although geographically part of Africa, it has had huge Asian and French influences during its history and it is really like visiting another continent.  It is the home to much unique wildlife, the best known of which are the lemurs.  We were fortunate to spot several different species of these in the wild:

We also visited a rescue establishment where they got much more close and personal, along with other forms of wildlife:

Our tour ended with a few days at a beach hotel.  Access was by boat only, and we needed zebu carts to take us out to the boats.

It turned out to be unbearably hot there, so all we could do was swim and rest (It’s a hard life!)
We enjoyed the tour, but realised that we have become quite used to independent travel, and missed the real interaction with the local people that you get when using public transport and generally fending for yourself.