Elizabeth writes:

After leaving Madagascar, it was time to move northwards, so we headed for Malawi.

Our first visit was to Andy Uglow and his wife Arani who now live in Blantyre.  Andy was the prime mover in getting Fusi Secondary school started several years ago.  It was good to see them, and to update Andy on the state of things at the school when I left Lesotho.

Many of you will know that our eldest daughter, Anne-Marie, worked as a volunteer in Malawi and there met her husband Wilson.  They now live in Nottingham, and we have never met his family.
Wilson’s brother, Symon, met us in Blantyre, and for the next week we were looked after by him and other branches of the family mainly in the North of the country.

We had a wonderful time and were treated like royalty.  Sometimes, there were barriers of language but a smile overrides everything :-)

..and here are the two mums!

Malawi is a beautiful country, and it made a welcome change for us to be surrounded by green countryside and lots of trees.  We also managed to make a visit to the beautiful lake Malawi, before heading North to Tanzania.